Wednesday, June 17, 2009


So about 10 or 12 years ago, I went down to Tumin's (Alcohol Abuse Center) to meet up with some lady friends. I believe I rode the Commando. After I walk in there's some drunk who yells something about guys riding vintage bikes or something. All in good fun. Or so I thought.
He makes a couple of more comments about leaky this or whatever, and it becomes apparent that he's not just joking around with a fellow rider. This is made all the clearer by his embarrassed girlfriend who is simultaneously apologizing to us, and trying to hustle him out of the bar.
Then the magical phrase rings out; he calls me a "pushrod motherfucker". We were dumbfounded - this guy was seriously pissed off about people riding motorbikes with pushrod engines. To further display his disdain he hops on his 80's POS and does a masculine wheelie down the street (it was actually a pretty good one). He sure showed me.
And a legend was born...

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