Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Not happy with the stock headlight. Kinda klunky looking, plus mine was rusted all to hell (found this after I stripped the paint off). Went with a generic chrome shell from EMGO - looks much better, but I'll have to find a real British one if I want the good chrome.
Also put some Tommaselli headlight brackets on. I like the contrast between the fork tubes, the black rubber, the chrome clamps, the flat-aluminum or the ears and the chrome shell.
The biggest problem (as expected) was the wiring. Guzzi runs a lot of wires inside the shell (comes in via one Molex block and out through another) - 4 idiot lights, 2 gauge lights, turn signals, kill switch, horn, etc. etc. The previous owner had done some creative wiring and actually JB Welded in one of the connectors - maybe hacking a waterproof seal? Whatever - they were a beyotch to get out.
The new shell has a single hole, so a lot of these wires are now behind the shell rather than in it. Doesn't bode well should I get caught in a downpour. I'll have to rewire the whole thing this winter for sure.
In the process of the swap I of course proved how bad I am at crimping spade connectors - at least 4 I did in the last few weeks came off the wires.
Ah well, looks better I think. Next up will be tossing the gauge clusters and figuring a way to mount the idiot lights (the charging system requires the generator light to be in circuit - don't ask me why - besides, it's fun to watch it flicker at idle).



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  1. try a BMW fitment Bosch H4 lens (they have a built in cup reverse-cup reflector) (judging from the photo maybe you have one already?) with a modern Halogen bulb & you can then actually see where you are going at night.