Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Helmet

Saw these for sale at Rockerbox - couldn't pass one up. As Jack Nicholson would say: "Oh, oh I've got a helmet! I got a beauty!"

RockerBox 2009

Rode out to RockerBox - a street fair in Milwaukee that's brand-non-specific. My friend Scott helped start it years ago to provide a non-Harley rally, aimed at cafe racers and Euro and Japanese vintage bikes. It's turned into an event where you'll see just about everything and anything. Mostly regular bikes, but with some rare stuff, and some downright weird stuff thrown in. Even the lame 50,000$ over restored choppers get represented (although there seem to be fewer and fewer that show up every year - maybe because the rat XS650 with the crazy frame mods sitting next to it gets more attention). All proceeds from beer and food sales go to the Steel Shoe Fund to help injured racers.

This picture doesn't do the # of bikes justice. Basically it was 4 or 5 blocks of bikes on both curbs and back to back running up the middle.

Nice Whizzer!

BSA? 125? 250? Looks like fun. Plunger rear suspension from the looks of it.

This Oil-in-frame Triumph ice-racer kicked ass. Guy competes with it too, not just for show.

True dat.

The Harley 2 Stroke was really cool - it not only had a miniature Harley-branded (original equipment!) fire extinguisher bolted to the rear subframe, but it also had a small gas can flask on the right fork held by a little leather holster.

Shows you don't have have lots of flash to look good. That seat don't look comfy.

Nice cafe. There were tons more. The Mid-West sure has a strong Cafe Racer scene. Reminds me of the old days. *sniff*

This XS (400 I think) Street Tracker was not only a nice job, but the guy had done up his own underslung mono-shock. "Mufflers" were made out modern fork tubes. Owner said it was super loud.

Old-school is back. Several hardtail bobbers and choppers were there - from Harleys (natch') to XS650s to Triuphs. Thank god the overdone BS chopper thing is over. That seat don't look comfy either.

Triple engined Norton dragster. Pushrod Mofo indeed.

Trophies made during the event. Sweet.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Road trip to Rockerbox 2009

Time to stop messing with the bike and just ride it. It's easy to get wrapped up in this detail or changing that and find all the good time for riding has passed.
Rockerbox is a motorcycle street fair started by my friend Scott as a) a chance to have a (free!) street fair and b) something for the non-Harleys in Milwaukee. This is the 7th or 8th edition I think.

A perfect destination.

Of course with older bikes you want some tools should something go wrong. Especially if you've been changing bits. I didn't worry too much as Guzzis are pretty stout and the weather forecast was great, but you need a screwdriver. And an adjustable wrench, Well, maybe two - a small one and a bigger one. And then you've been messing with wires, so maybe so snips and some wire and electrical tape. And so on, until the tang bag has 10 lbs of tools.

As is usually the way, come Thursday morning it was raining in D.C. and when I got to Milwaukee it was raining too. Great in-between though. And I didn't have to use a single tool. Well, except for the flashlight when I stopped for the night (it was pretty dark in Adrian Michigan).

Now the bike is resting comfortably, as I took a plane home - didn't want to take 4 days off of work in a row, and I knew I'd be back in 2 1/2 weeks as I heading to MotoGP in Indy with the Milwaukee / Chicago crew.

I thought it'd be fun to take a pic. every time I stopped for gas. First pic was setting out (first time; I got down the block and realized I'd no mirror and had to head back to put one on). Second to last is the Palomino in Milwaukee - bad cell photo and it was raining, so I eschewed composition for getting in and getting some food. The last pic is where I found myself a couple hours later - a Misfits show. Always a success when a trip takes an unexpected turn.